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How you can make SaloonGirlCostumes


Saloon Girl Costumes

A lot of photographers get freaked out about costumes andthink
they are hard to make or put together and expensive too.

I have several Saloon Girl costumes and usually all they consist of
- is a couple of frilly lacy petticoats, a pair of fishnet stockings or
over-the-knee black and white stripey sox, a corset or camisole –
a necklace or choker, and a hair chip with a flower and ostrich
feather glued on.


Now the petticoats you can usually buy through ebay or pick
them up at your local thrift shop… looks good with a couple of
layers. The stockings or sox – through a local retail store or over
the internet.


Next the corset, the one I’ve used here – I found through a
‘naughty’ costume shop and of course on ebay, etc.  Before I
had these I used to buy old ladies full body corsets through the
thrift shops… cut them off at hip length, dye them whatever
colour I wanted, then I used my trusty hot glue gun to add
small flowers, flower petals, torn bits of lace, pieces of ribbon,
etc to pretty it up.


An then, you can make a choker with a piece of black velvet
ribbon and a brooch.

 I’d buy a large hair clip and glue an ostrich feather in behind
a large flower (sometimes you might need to flatten the flower
for it to sit right)… at the same time, I might glue a flower on a
brooch back to be able to pin the petticoats up a bit


It’s as easy as that… however if you’re an exceptionally busy
photographer or just don’t have the time or inclination –
check out this link for saloon girl costumes…
http://beam.to/BuzzardGulchCostumes  although I’ve
personally never purchased any of her costumes, I love her
style and great business names… have had her costumes
bookmarked on ebay for years…  they are cute and the
closest thing I can find to what you might need. 



These backgrounds are made from the 'Miss Kitty Saloon Girls'
Collection - found under the Old Time Catergory.